Meet Pear

Established in May 2019, Pear Inc. was created as a fictitious company to be used in demos and presentations for Regroove. Much like Microsoft's Contoso or Northwind Traders, Pear is a tease at Apple. The domain name, is because other variations were ridiculously expensive and a "paradiddle" is a very popular drum rudiment and was a fun play on words.

Clean. Clear. Core.

It's critical that we give 110% when proactively virtualising core assets. In the proposition space, industry is globally synergising its customer-focused ballpark figures. Our market focus development lifecycle enables seamless, best-in-class diversities. Our enterprise development lifecycle enables proactive, immersive alignments.

"At Pear Inc. we make really expensive consumer electronics that are shiny and slippery."
Adam Baum Pear CEO